Album Art Questions

I can't quite tell from the discussion threads I have read if Album Art embedded in the tag is supported by Mp3Tag or is it just the use of folder.jpg.

I would like to be able to identify those mp3s that have embedded art and then determine if I wanted to delete those tags, I'm not even sure which tag is used.

(At some point I will wander out of this fog and truly understand album art.)

Mp3tag supports covers in tags, too. You can create a new column with %_cover% as field (if I recall correctly) and sort the files. For files with covers, %_cover% will have a number like 1, 2, etc. For files without cover, %_cover% will return nothing.

Hmmm, I am getting more confused (not surprising).

Are you sure that %_cover% is correct? Or maybe, how do I embed a tag? I have used the Tags (Alt-T) panel and it shows an image, but how do I know if that image is embedded or linked?

It's %_covers% (if that also doesn't work you should update Mp3tag)

An embedded cover shows a count like Cover 1/1 and it does not open if you click on it.
And you see the MIME-type like "image/jpeg" whereas a cover on disk shows the filename.