Album Art resize action altering B&W embedded art

Hi, I have found that if I run my series of actions (which includes a 600x600 pixel resize) on a song that has embedded album art that is grayscale, the resize algorithm will appear to decrease the bit depth of the B&W image so it's banded and rough looking. I then have to go in and remove and add the original B&W image to fix it. I have a song here that does it, I'll see if I can attach. Latest MP3Tag 3.22b on Win11 x64.


I can confirm this behaviour.
I resized the offered original from 500x500 to 400x400 with MP3tag:
Stingray Start_Front Cover
and with Acdsee:
ec9cd59c0ce59695afe6075a95b362f297ed2f38_2_500x500_Bildgröße ändern
See the area at the arms.

Thanks for pointing to that issue. I've experimented and tried to work around this yesterday and while doing so, remembered this topic:

I gave up on it the last time I've tried, but will give it another go over the coming days and will keep you posted.

I think I found a solution for this problem and have fixed it with Mp3tag v3.22e.

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Looking good from my testing over the last few days, thanks Florian! (MP3s and WMAs).

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