Album art size in colums to be able to sort by size?

Is there any way in the app (or another other you may be aware of) to be able to look at a "block" or "all" loaded MP3's that all have album art embedded and be able to sort them by there album art size?

I have a "default" image that I've embedded into many files that album art didn't exist so that it had a "place holder" until I have time to find the songs proper album cover. I want to be able to replace that default with another image, and my default is exactly 500x500 in size, so being able to find all of them across 60K plus files will be easier to do if I can view all their embedded art files by dimensions.

Is there anyway way to do that?

Hopefully my request is understood and clear?



create a custom column (right click in column area) named cover size with this as the "value":

edit: this doesn't show, for example, 500x500, but it does show art size in kb. so you can still sort on size

And create another column with this as value to indicate if you have embedded cover art or not:

you can then sort on these columns

Thank you!

The first one makes sense, I was looking in the help for cover dimensions, because the preview window shows it in the left panel.......didn't realize there was a tag wildcard to show its raw size which I now totally get how to use that first line to fix all this......sweet!

I had the second one from somewhere else to see if they all have covers or not.....:slight_smile:

Thank you for your help

All the best,