Album Art Tag Help &... Encounterd a problem since d/ling MediaMonkey


I installed MediaMonkey recently (forgive us) and I noticed now when I open MP3Tag ALL my mp3's have the year listed twice?!

  1. Is there a way for me to fix this without having to go through each mp3? ( I noticed in MP3Tag it will only let me change them in groups of the same album)

  2. Does MP3Tag put the album art directly into the mp3? This is how I want it and how I have done it with MediaMonkey. (That was the reason for d/ling it. I didn't know how to do it in MP3Tag and they made it easy by telling me which way I wanted to save the album art) I don't want the album art in a seperate folder.

Thanks for any help.



If I could understand how MP3Tag puts the album art in that would be a great help. Again, I wish it to be embeded into the mp3, not in a seperate folder as some other programs do it. (Hence why I d/led MM, I knew it embeded)


...Then we can move on to how to get rid of the double year issue lol.

To add a cover to the tag do a right click on the cover area and choose "Add cover" then execute "Save Tag" [Ctrl+S] or use "View > Extended Tags..."

For the Mediamonkey issue read here:

When I do this is MP3Tag embedding the album art into the mp3 file itself, or putting it in a jpg folder?
I just want to make sure I am embedding the art into the mp3 itself.


I wrote "To add a cover to the tag" so yes it puts the cover in the file.

Thank you