Album Art Thumbnails

I have used mp3tag for quite a while, and been very pleased with it. Lately when I edit a tag with mp3tag, the album art is not displayed on the thumbnail. Album art shows in mp3tag, but not in windows explorer. All files edited previously still show album art on thumbnail. Using mediainfo the only change between the old file info and new file info is the Writing library (old - LAME3.82) (New - LAME0). Please help :unsure:

Make sure you're writing ID3v2.3, not ID3v2.4, which is not supported in Windows Explorer.

Problem Solved.

upgraded to v2.71

All album art showing on all thumbnails. :smiley:

I doubt that changing to a different MP3tag version really solves a WIndows Explorer problem.
Either you did something else in the meantime or you did not tell the whole story.