Album Art & Track Numbers

Hi everyone,

I've been searching for a while for info with no avail (+ half of it is Deutsh :slight_smile:. Maybe my keywords
weren't good enough, anyhow, here I am with two small requests, if you can help me:

1- My songs/albums tagging were made using iTunes over the years. It works great with my iPods,
but never did well with everything else. No album art was visible. Now that I want to see the album
art on my TV or elsewhere, I retagged those using Mp3Tag, which seems to be wonderful. I still am
on an early stage of using it. Now when I tag my cover again, replacing iTunes method, I sometime
get a weird result: either I see MY cover, either I see a totally different one (same cover but different
image), always of LOWER look and quality. Like an automatic upload instead of mine. Some albums
will show another image of the cover than the one I put.

How can I resolve this ? I want to see mines, all the time.

2- All my songs are numbered like this x/xx. Sometimes not (rare). Is there a function for a multiple
mumerotation like this one ? 17 songs ... 1/17, 2/17, etc. ? I am doing them one by one right now.

thank you very much. Really sorry if this matter already has been covered. Haven't seen anything.

It always depends on the player and the settings which cover is shown.
Some players show the embedded covers, some a cover with a special name in the directory folder, some create their own directory structure with album art downloaded from the internet.
As far as I know (I don't use iTunes and so take this as not guaranteed) ) iTunes builds it's s own library-structure (cache) with covers downloaded from the store if there are no embedded covers. I think to force iTunes to rebuild a new structure with covers from the embedded covers you have to erase the artwork-cachefolders of iTunes or maybe to delete albums from the library and then iport them again.

You don't have to do do it one by one but album by album.
MP3Tag can do this automatically for you with the marked files (normally you mark a whole album) and the autonumbering-wizard in the tools-menue.

It looks as though you use Windows Media Player for replay.
WMP either uses files called "folder.jpg" or "AlbumartSmall.jpg" (which have the attribute "hidden") which are already there or it creates them from the embedded albumart.
These images hardly ever have a resolution of more than 200x200 pixels.
If the files are already there, then WMP does not update them even though you might have changed the embedded ones.
AND: there is a graphic cache somewhere deep in the %appdata% folders which is clogged up by loads of cached graphics.
So, your remedy would be:
Delete all folder.jpg and albumartsmall.jpg files.
Then run an action over all of your files that exports the embedded cover art first to the filename folder.jpg and then again, only this time to albumartsmall.jpg.
Then try to find the folder that is in a microsoft/Media Player/GrafikCache/LocalMLS path. You can safely delete the folder LocalMLS as this will be rebuilt.
And then you should see the real album art.

Thank you for your help. I will work on that.