Album Art - won't show right art

I added manually album art for each song and when I check in mp3tag everything looks right.
When I put music into car I got wrong song pictures. Also, in one car some pictures missing, in second car picture is OK.
I know that something is problem with car sound sistem but some song are OK no meter where I listening the music but some song are constantly wrong. For some song from same artist I see same picture although in mp3tag pictures are different.
Does anybody has some problems. thanks

You should test if your car player looks for embedded pictures at all.
Just delete the embedded picture in the music file and look whether the car player still shows a picture.
If so the player takes his own pictures.

I discovered that file with extension m4a (Apple) can be played normally but won't show the pictures. When I try same songs in different car (Volkswagen) picture is showed correctly.
I will convert to mp3

My suggestion would also be to look for and delete hidden album cover art files created wy WMP in music folders - they create many problems (and I would actually suggest not to use WMP at all :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you dare to use a command shell, then open one in the top folder of your collection (Shift-right click on folder name in Windows explorer, select "Open command shell here").
Type in:

del /s /ah folder.jpg

and then
del /s /ah albumart*.jpg

This should remove those hidden files in all subordinate folders.

WMP also likes to create its own picture cache that gets updated only very rarely.
But you can delete it without regrets, as WMP rebuilds it.

...\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player\Grafikcache
and delete the whole folder LocalMLS
It could be that you have to set the WE to show hidden files and folders.