Album art work: shows as an icon but not while playing

Guten Tag! MP3tag is a great utility; I've a simple question: when I add an album art work, the art work is only shown as the MP3 song icon. When I play the song (via the WMP), the original art work is still shown.

Is it possible to add an art work to be displayed while an MP3 song is being played?

I have tried all options, e.g., set the cover type to cover, media, logotype, ... but to no avail. Any hints?

Many thanks,

I think good ole Win XP still requires a file called folder.jpg in the folder.

Actually, it is Windows 7 Ultimate (64) and WMP 12.0.760.

As wmp12 does not rely on the folder.jpg mechanism any more the cover art should be inside the files.
Could you check, if there is cover art in the files with this filter:
NOT %_covers% IS ""
This should show all the files that already have embedded cover art.
If you use
%_covers% IS ""
then you see all those files that don't have embedded cover art.
All this applies to mp3 files.

Rhrenkino, thanks, but my original question is still not addressed.

FYI: I placed a new MP3 song I purchased from Amazon in a folder by itself. Under the folder options, I checked "Show hidden files ..." and unchecked "Hide protected OS ...". Thus I could see all files in that folder (there weren't any except the MP3 file).

The MP3 song had an artwork that showed as an icon. When I played the song, the same artwork displayed.

Using Mp3tag, I removed the artwork. I added my own artwork. My artwork shows as the MP3 song icon. But when I play the song, the same original artwork still shows.

The original artwork is embedded in the MP3 file. Is it possible to change that via Mp3tag?

Many thanks!

Usually yes:
Select the files that should get a new file as artwork.
Press Alt-T for the extended Tags dialog.
There delete the existing cover art or add a further one with the star-button.
If you have more than one cover art in the file you will see scroll-arrow-buttons under the thumbnail in the dialogue.
I am not sure whether WMp will display the first or the last cover added to the music file. But it will most certainly show only one.
Using the scroll-arrow-buttons you can later select the cover you do not want and delete it.
Press OK to save the changes.

I have the same problem. The MP3 files have an image attached that I don't want. I can't see it in MP3TAG, but just when I play the files.
If I add an icon of my choice to the files, just one icon shows up in Mp3TAG, the one I've just added.
However, when I play the files, only the original one is displayed.
In MP3TAG I can't see that image, and I can't delete/remove it in any way. MP3TAG doesn't even acknowledge that it's there. But when I play the file up it pops, completely ignoring the image that I've added.
It makes no difference if I add the image to the durectory as folder.jpg or cover.jpg, when I play the file, the original image is the one that's displayed.
Anybody got any ideas on how to get around this?

Make sure the player does not cache album art.
For example, VLC creates a copy of the album art for each new album and this is cached in %APPDATA%\vlc\art\artistalbum. Even if a files art is changed or removed, the cached art will be displayed until the cache is changed or destroyed.
Maybe WMP does something similar.

WMP stores the files in a (hidden) folder:
%AppData%\Local\Microsoft\Media Player\Grafikcache\LocalMLS

LocalMLS can be removed without any problems as WMP will rebuild it with the next start (ok, a little drawback: thumbnails for albums will no be there but will be rebuilt).

Thank you so much for this very specific, and spot on, reply. I'd just started to think that it might be something to do with VLC and was starting to play with other playback software when I got your reply. This solved it 100%. I would not have found the "artistalbum" directory without this post.
In case it's of help to anybody else, I had, by trial and error, found that the art appeared to be associated with the "Album:" tag. When I removed the value from that tag, or simply changed it, the erroneous artwork went away. When I re-entered the Album name exactly as before, the problem came back.
Then I got this response and everything was explained.
Very many thanks.