Album Art

I have a few MP3 files which show no Album Art in MP3Tag, but when I play them with VLC Media Player they are displayed. How can I access them?

It is likely that there is no longer any art embedded in the files.
VLC keeps a cache of album art, sorted by artist.
Try looking here: %appdata%\vlc\art\artistalbum
I believe you have to manually delete the art.jpg file(s) if you ever change the album art and want the new art to be displayed in VLC

Not true. The album art is embedded somewhere in the file.

Please provide a MP3 file with embedded art that is not displayed in Mp3tag. If I can reproduce the problem it will be easier to help.
Maybe you can attach it to a forum post or upload it to a file sharing site (like MediaFire).

interesting. how do you know?
Could you please check your mp3tag settings (Tools>Options>Mpeg) that you do not read APE tags?
Anc could you check whether these files have APE tags?

In windows based systems,

Some times the album folder contains the Album Artwork.
In windows explorer go to "Folder Options">View
Remove the tick mark from "Hide protected operating system file (Recommended)"
Then go to your music folder and check. (Press F5 key once) If you can find any image file there, that is the reason to showing the artwork in player.

Let me say this again, it is in the file.

Please show us the file.