Album Art

Have been using this program for a week now and trying to figure out how to use it :flushed: is there a beginners step guide on some of the basics.

Have been loading Album Art onto some tags but I have found that some album art will not show on my Archos AV500 unit even though it is in the tag file because it shows up if i play the file in windows media,
have spent a week sorting out some of the mp3tags, found that if the album art file is to large it will not show so made the picture file smaller 230 x230 pix's some still would not show on my Archos though ? ( if anyone has some idea as to why could you let us now )

This is a great program probably even better once i find out how to use it to its full potential :smiley:


I hope it not your mp3 player with any reading and displaying probelms. Small sized album art I cannot read with wmp bu when I enlargen the image and then re add back to the mp3 file tag it shows up, I have noticed this before with small sized art.

Tip: Make sure that the art size is at a nice dimnmesions 500x500 or more

sorry if I am of minimal help