Album Artist data not saving in wav files

I have a few Various Artist compilations, and I want to save the Album Artist data, along with the Contributing Artist. But when I fill it out, it does not seem to transfer to File Explorer/Meta Data like the rest of the information. It's the only one seemingly having an issue.

Check the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) whether you have a field called e.g. ALBUM ARTIST instead of ALBUMARTIST.

I'm seeing "ALBUMARTIST"

which shows the correct data, i.e. the name that you tried to save?

When I type in the "Album Artist" data, it seemingly saves to "ALBUMARTIST" in mp3tag. But nothing is present in the "Album Artist" section in File Explorer.

So we have a player problem? If MP3tag shows you the data in the field in which you saved it, then I do not see a lot that MP3tag could do about that what the player does.
What kind of files do you try to tag? MP3s?

I'm viewing the files in File Explorer in Windows 10, not a player. Mp3tag successfully wrote the metadata for every section, but Album Artist in the column(when you make it available to view) of File Explorer, and in properties>details.

It's honestly not that big of a deal, lol. Just making sure it's functioning correctly.

I do not have such problems with mp3 files.
So, again: what kind of files do you tag?

Sorry, wav. files are the current file. But upon your reply, I checked to see if the problem happen with a mp3, and alas, it worked.

So wav. file seems to be my issue.

Have 3 music files from one artist, just highlighted all 3 (2 wavs, 1 mp3) and changed the album artist. Worked only for the mp3.

So, to sum it all up:
MP3tag saves data for "album artist".
The windows explorer has problems to show all the metadata for wav files even though it is there.
Everything is fine for mp3 files.

I think that sums it up.

still no resolution :frowning:

I'm noticing now that my "Album Art" isn't saving on WAV files either, but is for mp3, flac, etc.

I am not sure what you expect? That Microsoft reads this forum and updates the features of the OS?
Fact remains, I think, that MP3tag writes the data as you want it to do and that it is the player of your choice that currently is missing functions.

You have seen that flac files work ok - and as that is also a lossless format, it may be advisable to use that.

Woah, dude. For one, I don't expect sarcasm when I'm genuinely trying to correct an error.

I re-bumped my post with new found information about the album art with WAV files as well.

Fact remains. The album art, nor album artist save or transfer to ANY programs, on WAV files. It is not a problem of the "player of my choice."

I do not want to use flac files. I want this program, that I donated to, to write album artist and album art metadata on WAV files the way it's intended to do. :slight_smile:

The fact remains that this is nothing but a problem of the player of your choice. Metadata shows fine in MP3tag, I assume, so the metadata is there.
MP3tag does not have a database or something from where it gets the missing data - it simply reads the tags.
I think that the implementation on the player of your choice only assumed the V1 standard for ID3 tags which also has no albumartist and no embedded covers.