Album Artist problem

I get this in XBMC

XBMC needs the Album Artist tag to be set right.

I've checked that it appears to be set correctly in MP3Tag.

However it doesn't work as expected, so I tried to determine what the problem was, and in Foobar2000 I found the answer.

How do I get MP3Tag to set the actual "Album Artist" field and not an extra field that XBMC (or anything else) would ignore?


What do you see in Mp3tag's Extended Tags dialog for that same file?

And I think I've got a workaround going! :slight_smile:

I've added a field called Album Artist, and I've based it on "ALBUM ARTIST". I have then added it as a custom column in the display. I've then amended the old Album Artist field which was based on ALBUMARTIST to be Album Artist OLD and also in the columns display.

Now I can see what everything else sees, and I'll be able to fix it.

I hope it helps anyone else who has the same problem!