Album Artist problems

I am having problems with Album Artist since upgrading to 2.49a. I can't manually change album artists. I highlight a track, enter an album artist (usually 'various') in the field, and nothing saves. I can auto fill from artist by using 'customize columns' and selecting value-artist, but my old quick action for album artist = %artist% doesn't work. Another funny thing, when I highlight a track, the old album artist that I tagged with the previous version shows in the left side column album artist field, but not in the AlbArt for the main index, if you get what I mean.

I've added a screenshot if that helps.


Terry B

For flac files a field ALBUM ARTIST or ALBUMARTIST can be used to indicate the "Album Artist"
So check in the columns, Actions and in "Options > Tag panel" if it is with or without a space.
Change the settings so all your columns/actions use the same.

Everything's fine there, and the problem happens on both FLAC and MP3 files. All was fine before upgrading to 2.49.