Album Artist tag support for .M4A/iTunes?


With the release of iTunes 7, Album Artist is now a supported field. It uses the m4a atom "aART" which was, until this release, unused by Apple. Mp3tag 2.36 does not display or allow you to edit this field currently. Can we get this for the next version?

Mp3Tag does work fine with Album Artist in MP3 ID3 files, though!


Yup, I'll add it.




It appears to work. aART shows up as "BAND" in Mp3tag now. Thanks.

Curious... Why do you use "BAND"? Is this to match the use of TPE2 as Album Artist in MP3? With WMA, WMA/AlbumArtist doesn't map to "BAND" in Mp3tag... so that seems slightly inconsistent. Hmmmm...