Album Artist

iTunes fucks up all my music tags. Could I get some common Tags that aren't included in mp3tag,

such as Album Artist, and Composer.

I need the Value and Field.



Thanks that helps me in someways, but I was going to put them into columns,


In the above picture:

Name: the name appears in the header of the column, e.g. Album Artist

Value: the name of the field you want to display, e.g. %band% for album artist (from the table by Florian's link)

Field: generally the same as the value above. If you directly edit the field in the columns, this field will be change, e.g. %band%. If you leave this field empty, you cannot edit anything in that column.

Sort by: generally the same as the value above. If you click the header of the column, the sort will created by this value. e.g. %band%. This field is useful, if you want to see The Beatles at the letter B (with a regexp function)-

Ok, thanks for explaining, but can I get a list of the values and fields of some common tags

Well, I'm not familiar in iTunes (to say the truth I hate it :smiley: ), but the fifth column contains the fields used by iTunes, and the first column their MP3Tag names. Put a % at the beginning and at the end of the name, and you get the string you have to insert into that fields Value and Field.