Album-artists problem

Hi, I've got a problem on tagging. I want to tag an album of 2 artists (A and B, for example) with the purpose of viewing in my smartphone's music player, going in the section "ALBUM ARTISTS", this album in the A page and in the B page. Long story short, I want to see this album in both album artists' pages. How can I do it?
Please help me because I really don't try a solution for this problem and it's a week that I'm trying to solve, but without results. Many thanks to who helps me :slight_smile:

Simplest way: make a copy of the album and use ALBUMARTIST (this is the proper name for the field in MP3tag) A for one copy and B for the other.

Provided, your player supports any of the other options ...
Create a multivalue field of the field ALBUMARTIST and enter A into the first and B in the second field of the type ALBUMARTIST.
Or: Enter both names in the same field ALBUMARTIST but separate them with semicolon-blank
A; B
(WMP supports this mechanism for the fields ARTIST, COMPOSER, GENRE - I am not so sure about the ALBUMARTIST as I would assume that there can only be one.)
But as it is hard to tell which method is supported by your player, you have to try it anyway ...

I tried to create 2 fields of ALBUMARTIST. In the first A and in the second B, but mp3tag put these due values in a only field "A\B" and it doesnt work on my player
A; B doesnt work.
Creating a copy of the album is strange because doing like this i've got 2 files for each song of the album and i dont want that

This is the normal way in which MP3tag displays multivalue fields - you can check that you have actually 2 (or more) of them when you open the extended tags dialogue (alt-t) where you should see separate fields.

The other problem are of course the short-comings of your player's feature set . If the player does not support any of the tag solutions and the copy solution is none for you, then it looks to me as though your requirement cannot be met.

I'm using black player ex, is a very good player, i can't understand that for this fact

I think that a number of players would support one the described techniques for other fields than ALBUMARTIST.
You could try the same for ARTIST. I know that at least Windows Media Player supports the "semicolon-space" separator to list a title or album for each artist separated in that way.
For ALBUMARTIST this feature is currently not implemented.
I think that iTunes supports 2 separate fields. Each player seems to be different.
So perhaps a little experimenting would do. The first experiment showed that it does not work for ALBUMARTIST. What about ARTIST?

I try later, i can't at the moment