Album artwork not saving - Windows 10

Hello, I'm having a bit of an issue with the album art.
I just downloaded this program, but I've managed to save ID3s (ID32.3(RIFF ID32.3)) to the original files, and Groove and WMP see those just fine. However, even after getting confirmation that everything was saved to each file after adding the album art, it doesn't appear in either Groove or WMP.

I can import the art into MP3tag perfectly well. It's just the output that's the issue.
I am wondering if it has anything to do with it being a .png rather than a .jpg, but I'd like to see if anyone else has a better idea first.

I also notice that Groove can't grab any artist (it says "Unknown Artist") but WMP sees the artist alright.


Has the cover vanished the next time you open the file in MP3tag?
If not then I would assume that the support for WAV chunks in the target player is not quite up to the mark, which is not really unlikely as e.g. WMP does not show the field for COMPOSER.
You can probably trick WMP to show a cover when you export the embedded image to the file folder.jpg.

It's read just fine in MP3tag when I open up the location and click on a song.

I did find a way to make it show in WMP by copypasting the album art onto the blank image in the library and then double-clicking on it after the error message, but no workaround for Groove.

Woomy, can you supply additional detail on how you resolved this problem for WMP? Maybe I'm just being dense, but I could not quite follow and reproduce.