Album artwork visible in Itunes but not in Mp3Tag


I have been struggling with following issue: I have an Itunes library with mostly aac files (MP4).
In Itunes and on my Ipod I can see album art for all albums (I have downloaded the artwork via Itunes for most albums and pasted the artwork in Itunes for the albums that Itunes could not find).

Now I want to have the artwork also available on an SD card to be played in my car.
Therefore I have copied all files in Mp3Tag.
However, in Mp3Tag I only see +/- 10 album arts of the > 300 albums?

Can anyone please help with this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Itunes often stores modifications of tags only in its database and does not embed the information in the files.
I think there is a way somewhere in the iTunes community that allows to extract the covers from the thumbnail collection of iTunes but this is rather tedious.
It would easier to use the web-sources that can be found in Mp3tag (there is even one for iTunes) and tag again. [WS] iTunes Music, Music Videos, Movies, TV Shows
And for the future: iTunes is no tagger, always use Mp3tag :wink:

iCoverArt can automate extracting the covers from iTunes database and embedding in files. Cost $5 but well worth it for running batch job. There are some free scripts around too. Google for embedding iTunes cover art.