Album Cover Art


My 4500 mp3 songs are stored in 1000 folders, some contain just one song, some an entire album, WMP11 is my preferred media player.
After spending hours of downloading the appropriate album covers (from Amazon) and assigning them via the media player's own "Advanced Tag Editor" to each song everything seemed to be fine.
Then, running the MP3Tag a couple of times to clean up all comments, make sure that file-name matches Artist, Title and Tracknumber and vice versa the strangest thing happend.
About 1000 songs suddenly picked up for the album cover ("folder.jpg") one I (thought) I deleted long time ago, it appears it almost grew like a malicious cell into other folders.

  1. Is there a way to completely clean up old information (like these jpg's).
  2. Is there a batch command that assigns the jpg with the largest memory (17-24kB) as the correct album cover.
    Hope there is someone out being able to help.