Album cover blurayvplayers

I put album covers in FLAC files stored on an external HD and I can view them on the computer, but on the blu ray player the album covers do not appear. In mp3 files recorded on a dvd disc I can view on the blu ray player, can you help me?

It's very hard to tell which features your bluray might have.
In general, anything that MP3tag can do, is embed the covers and that's more or less it.
Everything else should be investigated with the support of the bluray player.

album covers embedded in MP3 tag and recorded on dvd discs and played on blu ray appear normally so all covers should be viewed normally both on pen drives, external HD and etc...

It still loks to me as though you ask about the features of the player.
Have you embedded teh pictures? Or have you exported for each folder?
If that is so, MP3tag's influence ends.

Load the files into MP3tag.
Enter the following in the filter:
%_covers% MISSING
Ideally, no files should now be visible in the MP3tag file list.
If files remain in the file list, then these files have no embedded pcitures.
Import the covers for these files.

the songs of iron maiden and judas priest I inserted the album covers, when I play on the dvd disc through the blu ray they appear when I play through the external HD connected to the blu ray they do not appear.


As stated already, this is a limitation of the Blu-ray player's software. Nothing to do with what mp3tag can do to change that. Contact the manufacturer to see if they have a firmware update or can offer further support. If the artwork is embedded in the file by mp3tag, or a copy of the image is in the album folder, that is all that can be done by this software.