Album Cover Issue

Apologies ahead of time. I searched for this topic but all of these situations differ slightly from mine.

I am having a mobile app developed and I'm streaming from a Shoutcast server using a CentovaCast admin area. I spent hours making sure all 2000+ MP3 files had the right info, album covers, etc using MP3tag v2.48a. Saved them, double checked, etc.

I uploaded them and in the admin area of the stream, and verified that it was looking at the ID3 tags for its info first and then iTunes or Amazon for a backup if something went wrong. Almost all of the album images are showing broken image icons and when they DO show, they are completely wrong. Like I have no idea where the system is even getting these images from.

I reached out to their support, but nothing yet. Thought I would ask here if there is a setting in MP3tag that I missed or should have on for streaming situations like Shoutcast due to some unspoken limitations.

The most current Mp3tag version is v3.12 - maybe you should update your copy.

As a quick test:
Copy such a mp3 in a local folder. If Mp3tag (a current version) shows the cover from a locally loaded mp3 file as expected, there is not much that you can do.
If the local copy of your mp3 shows a wrong cover in Mp3tag too, there must be some manipulation of your music files after Mp3tag, maybe on your transport way or on your Shoutcast server?

So if its shows correctly locally, it's definitely a problem on the server-side of things? The images show the album covers perfectly.

I would say: Yes.

Please let us know what the support answered to you.