Album cover thumbnail in search results

When a search is performed at for example Discogs, it is common to get MANY results for any specific album (due to many albums having many versions). Many versions are named the same and have the same catalog number even though they are just promo prints for DJs, whitelabels etc.

A small thumbnail including the album cover in a column in the search results would be very helpful to quickly find the correct album. In my personal experience, I sometimes have to click 5-10 albums (and go back to the search results) to find the proper release.

Would this be possible?

Example (from the Traktor DJ software filebrowser) with a column for cover image miniatures:


I have plans to improve this and add a preview of the cover when possible. Thanks for the feedback!


I really like the partial cover idea they have implemented. It gives a quick visual without being too small, while also not increasing the row height. This would be very helpful if something similar could be used in mp3tag. :+1:

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Add me to the "this would be handy" group, and thanks Florian for working on this. I do this ALL the time, having to click multiple times to find the correct cover.

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I've just noticed that I never gave an update here: I've added cover thumbnails to search results with v1.5.0.

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I just tried this. No thumbnails. What am I doing wrong?

Are you using the Mac version? Notice the category of this topic.

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Where's the "slapping my d*mn forehead" emoji?

Nevermind, nothing to see...