Album Cover



How can I add Album Covers to my music files or folders?

How is it done? Is a special tag?

If Mp3Tag doesn't do it how can I do it?

It would be great if it would compatible with ITunes.



MP3Tag cannot save album covers inside ID3v2 tags yet.

  • Download Amazon Cover Downloader from Mares Web Forums and take it as a tool in MP3Tag.
  • Download all the covers to your music-folders.
  • Get Konfabulator and the widget iTunes Companion from the widget gallery.
  • Sort a playlist in iTunes with all first tracks of every album. iTunes-Companion will write the appropriate covers to ID3 for every matching album-tag while playing the playlist. Alas, albums with the same tag (e.g. "best of") will get all the same (wrong) coverimage.

Quite complicated, but it's a nice widget and in any case better than dragging-and-dropping.


You can choose in the options of iTunesCompanion, wether the cover is written into the actual song or the whole album.



I found a simple software which works really fine:
Album Cover Art Downloader.

Try it. What do you think?