Album covers occassionally incorrect

Hi Everyone,
a Newbie here, and sorry for dredgingup what may seem to have been covered previously, but my problem has a bit of a twist.

When I edit MP3 files with MP3TAG, (great program BTW), everything is fine, I can copy these files to my USB flash drive, view them in Windows 10 and the files are still correct. However, when I plug the USB into the car's media player, some of these files will pick up a different album cover.

So what have I tried to rectify this?
Made sure the flash drive was formatted to Fat32
Deleted any Folder.jpg or Thumb files, that were on the flash drive,
Used a smaller image for the album cover (300 x 300)
and a few other things that I didn't think would work, but gave them a try anyway.

Is it possible there's a tag setting missing from my edited file that would override the use of other images?

So if you have a possible solution I'd love to hear from you. Like I said previously it's not a lot of albums that this happens to, but it's annoying when it does!

Hoping somone out there has a solution for me


Do they show an unknown album cover or do they show an album cover from another file?

thanks for the follow up, they show album covers from other files I have on the USB from other artists


Just a follow up on the last post, once an incorrect cover has been assigned to an album it is retained, and doesn't change. So I edited a file that used an incorrect cover, and removed the original correct cover, so that when you play the song in Windows 10 there is no cover art. I then put the flash drive in the car and it still picks up the same incorrect cover it had before.
Don't know if this is significant or not but just thought I'd mention it

There are contributions in the forum that tell us that there are car players with a permanent internet connection and they look for covers on their own and display those results. So if that is the case for you then you would have to disconnect the player from the internet.

Also,, you should make sure that all files have data in the fields
Tracks that lack information in one of these fields are likely to be grouped together as belonging to the same album or artist - and as they are the same, the display the same cover.

This can be tricky, and as @ohrenkino alludes to, sometimes the car has a mind of its own. My car was doing this also, where it would use what it decided was its own image, instead of mine. The main issue was having image files in folders (eg, folder.jpg) instead of actual image tags. Sometimes it used them, sometimes it found its own. But it sounds like you've already done this.

What vehicle is it? Maybe someone else here has been thru it.

Double check there are no image files, only Cover Tags. And only ONE cover tag. And you might try using a newly formatted thumb drive, and only put a few files on it, to see if you can debug which & why.

Good luck!

Thanks for the replies guys. I have a Kia Seltos, and because it has navigation in it I presume it has it's own internet connection. However I have absolutely no idea how to turn just the player off, if it is the cause of downloading it's own covers. The menu in this car is a black art to use. :slight_smile:

I've double checked the files of the album causing the incorrect cover art to be used, along with the files that are being overridden with the incorrect cover art, and they have all the information included for the tags recommended above.
I have put several songs on another Flash drive and these songs are picking up the same incorrect cover as with my other Flash drive. The next thing I'll try, is to delete the songs that have the cover causing the issue. My thinking is that if I do this, and the other songs pick up the same incorrect cover art then it's not due to files on the original Flash drive and the car player is somehow causing this.
Any other clues gratefully received as this is doing my head in!

Many cars use a built-in Gracenote database. Maybe this includes cover art?

Well it seems my problem in one instance was a dud .jpg cover. Changed the offending file from a 260x260 to another image at 300x300 and that solved one problem.

After a lot of reading found a tip to try. Change any similar "Album" tags to individual specific. ie. change from "Best Hits" to "Best Hits of [the Artist}" and this immediately fix all but one issue, which was the image used.

Many thanks to those who offered there time and knowledge - much appreciated.

Cheers Ron

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Car entertainment system programmers are really among the worst. The assumption that album titles were unique is really naïve.