Album false positives?


When I do Tag Sources | and set Searhc by Album to XXX, I expect to get albums titled XXX, but I also get

a) non-albums
b) albums not titled XXX

and FWIW

c) albums with no word XXX found in the Preview page

(Full results below.)

Similarly with

Is this working as designed?


Comstock Films             2007-01-03       Matt and Khym: Better Than Ever (Real People, Real Life, Real Sex series)
Victory Multimedia        2006-02-03       Sex Essentials Videos: Erotic Sex Positions
Victory Multimedia        2004-12-01       Sex Essentials Videos: Seductive Sex Positions
Betty Dodson Phd        2006-02-07       Orgasmic Women: 13 Selfloving Divas
Mra Ent. Oz                  2005-12-13       Dieux du Stade: Making of the 2006 Calendar
Various Artists               Umvd Labels                 2002-08-06       XXX
Pacific Media                2007-03-01       Anal Massage for Relaxation and Pleasure
Angelo Badalamenti       Varese Sarabande       2003-04-22       Varese Sarabande 25th Anniversary Celebration
Pacific Media                2005-04-26       Women Loving Women
Timbiriche                      Fonovisa Inc.               2007-02-27       XXX


These are the joys of the Amazon web service.

It's working as it should, but I agree: the results look a little bit irritating :rolleyes:


Coo... !

I'm getting por results from discogs too:

  1. discogs "Piazzolla" always says

Error connecting to server:

even though this artist is found at Likewise with other artists inc. Canaro but not e.g. Madonna, Foreigner.

  1. discogs "Smith" says

Sorry, no entries are matching your search criteria.

even though this artist is found at


For you have to use the full artist name, e.g. "Astor Piazolla" or "Francisco Canaro".