Album from Path over network


I am trying to create the "Album" tag from the file name. However this is across a network. The Path is:-

\\MUSIC\User (K)\MP3_128\Filename\

If I use Convert > Filename - Tag will this add the "album" tag to all 4000+ tracks?

I selected one track then Convert > Filename - Tag and got the dialogue "Select format string" in the box I typed:-


Preview showed:-

"\\MUSIC\User (K)\MP3_128\Al Cohn & Zoot Sims From A To Z And Beyond\01 Mediolistic.mp3" ->

This is the correct path. But the Ok button remains greyed out.

Where do I go from here please?

Sorry don't answer.

As soon as I posted I realised I should use


This looks like it is working but 4000+ will take some time