Album from Title and Artist

Is there any way to Auto-Generate the Album using only the Title and the Artist?

It doesn't need to be 100% accurate as I only have around 300 songs I want to tag and can manually check if there is anything fishy.

If you have only 300 files, then it will probably take longer to iron out the rough spots than to do it right the first time.

MP3tag does not have such a function.
YOu can try one of the discogs web sources.
Or let Musicbrainz Picard loose on the files.
You will get funny results.

Because how is any software supposed to know if you have the single version, the maxi, the life, the greatest, the best of, the album version, the one from any odd compilation .... and so on.

The only way I know is with a "fingerprint" of the music itself.
But this is more useful if you want to identify a song and don't know its artist or title.

The identifying of the album is only accurate if this special song is not on several albums, which nowadays is very seldom.
You have:
The original album
The European edition
The US edition
The Greatest Hits
The EPs
The Anniversary edition

And to take it accurately the difference may not only be in the album but in the song too
Radio Edition

If you just have 300 songs from different albums you may get a result you can live with.
But if you for example take a complete album of 18 songs to tag and let them identify the album too, you may get 5 albums with wrong track-numbers, if the artist is active for a lot of years.

There is a lot of fingerprint software. One is Jaikoz.