Album grouping in listview

Dear Mr. Heidenreich!

I hope that you won't find this as nagging or pleading, but now that I have been using MP3tag more or less constantly for about 5 years I will allow myself to request one little feature that (after forum search) I can see has not been too hardly requested before. I'm working quite a lot with discographies and as such there are very often the need to apply changes to all titles in an album, i.e. cover art. I would very much like to see the possibility to collapse the listview on the album (or any other) field, greying out all the items in the tag panel that concerns individual files, so that I can apply changes to all files in an album. My collection is very strictly organized as:

(artists name first letter)\artist\year - album\titles.mp3. Hopefully you'll see right away that this organization cries for the above mentioned option.

I convert and store all my work as best possible MP3 quality (320 if possible) and i strive to find all my coverart as 500x500 dpi images.
This is one of my christmas wishes.

Best regards

You can apply filters that limit the displayed files to the entered criteria. And you can sort by column, or apply a sorting to columns with custom-made values.

In general, I doubt that your approach is feasible as ...
... MP3tag does not know anything about albums but reads data file by file,
... MP3tag is a tool to move from unorganized tags to correct ones so any grouping mechanism would perhaps group files that are only grouped because the data is not correct yet.
... the point in time when the grouping should be applied is not clear. Perhaps the tagging-process involves to rearrange files in the file system so that any folder structure is void.
And so on.
I would say that the currently implemented features lead to a similar result.

I tend to say that I never had the need to collapse the list view, because there are other effective methods to sort and filter files and organize the Mp3tag workbench.
For sure I can say that users requests make me collapse sometimes. :wink:


I know but I think that method is quite cumbersome

Just as I would like it to

If you read my post a little more thoroughly you will see that I have already orgabized all my files in corresponding folders

To my inner eye I see MP3rag start up as it always have, but a menu choice or an action icon is all it takes to collapse the filelist, grouped on (in my instance album) a field. Furthermore in my case it differs where in the foldertree I engage MP3tag, sometimes I'll only work with one album, in which case I admit my request is not very required, but uther times I would work on all albums of anyone artist and then I need my request!

...possibly, but not as smooth! As of today I have a filecount of almost 150.000 in more than 10.000 folders, so for med my request is highly anticipated.
In the meantime I will take a sneak peak on Tagscanner that user 'thibaud' referenced to as long ago as november 2009

Can you please spell them out? Or show me a filter expression that selects all titles in one album?

You don't have to be cocky! I have spent enough time with MP3tag to know most of its features fairly thoroughly, I just haven't used the filter options yet though.

As I understand "to collapse a list" ... that is different from the wish "to select all titles in one album".
Collapsing file rows makes the files invisible, substituted by a placeholder row, therefore such hidden files cannot be used for selecting anymore ... or ... the entirely hidden subset can be selected by its placeholder row (... as a logical folder).
Filter examples are documented in the Mp3tag manual.
The filter expression does not select files.
The filter expression creates a reduced view to the loaded files, filtered by the filter criterium.

My remark was not an offense against you, just a confirmation of my constitution.
Everyone has the right to propose improvements, even for Mp3tag.
In the meantime you have to adapt your way of working to the conditions.


If you want to limit the list of displayed files to just one album you can ...
... either load just that folder which would make any collapsing superfluous
... or apply a filter with something like

album HAS Revolver

(for the Beatles' album Revolver)
THis would be no more cumbersome than specifiying a grouping field and then also e.g. a sorting field.
Actually, the filter can be expanded with AND, NOT, OR so that you can define much more sophisticated criteria than just that single one for collapsing.

So, before you defend your idea of the collapsable list anymore, please get acquainted with the filter function.
I think that that is even more flexible as your solution would cover only one special workflow, namely that of already organized files.
If you have an unorganzized collection of files and want to order that, I still think that the filter approach will in the end give you all you were looking for.

As for the loading 150000 tracks and 10000 albums at one time ... I wonder how many times you want to collapse an album list ... 9999 times just to hit the correct album? The filter is then the superior option.

And back to the filter being cumbersome:
If you want to have not just one fixed field for grouping but any, you would have to define that field somewhere - an extra chain of dialogues. And then, even if you have defined that field, you still have to scroll to the album that you want to edit ... much more cumbersome than typing in the filter argument.

I'm new to MP3tag and am using v2.54. At first I didn't see this feature/ability, but I found this one feature to be the most powerful feature of MP3tag.

With regards to applying changes to the entire album, or for that matter an entire artist or genre, I've learned that if I select the folders of interest, and open all of those folders; all of those tracks appear in MP3tag. Then when in MP3tag I make my selection of tracks (typically all of them using ctrl+a) and then make a change that I want to a tag in the tag pane. When I do this, and then press ctrl+s to save the changes, all of the selected items are modified. MP3tag makes a global change. I can change 1 or 10,000 tracks at once.

I use this to clean/remove comments on a global level, plus I can reclassify 100s of artist with a new genre of my choosing (ex: replace holiday with Christmas). I've found that any change in the tag panel can be applied to those tracks selected. You can even make changes to multiple tags and have all of the changes applied at once. Have you tried this?

BTW, a bit off topic and I can start a new thread. But I was wondering if you had found a way to automate renaming the album folder/DIR from the album to year - album?