Album Integrity : Tracks/TotalTracks and DiscNumber/TotalDiscs

Hi everyone

I would like to know if it's possible to

split the data side-by-side the / of Track and Discnumber

Track over two digits and total track over two digits in Panel and columns (Blue part)

Discnumber over two digits and total discs over two digits in panel (Red part)

Thank you

What did you define for the currently empty fields No Disque and No Pistes?
(The data is already available in the field TRACK and DISCNUMBER - not all file formats split it in TRACK and TOTALTRACKS and DISCNUMBER and TOTALDISCS - this would be something typical for a certain file- and tag format)

HI Oh,

Yes variables are already defined, I just want to know how I can trigger a batch splitting action to spread track and totaltacks tagged in track and discnumber and totaldiscs tagged in discnumber

01/01 have to become A:01 B:01 for both use cases

If I understand it depends on tag format of files ?

Exactly. Some file formats always split it, some never. And the tag panel only shows the whole contents of a field but does not allow any scripting functions (like the columns do). So you have to live with it the way it shows now.