Album picture on mobile

I think I found a problem with mp3Tag. I put my music on my samsung A5 after changing caracteristics and it works. No problem. But if I change a second time the album picture and take the music on my phone, it keeps the old album picture. Do you have any solution?(i think the old pictures are saved somewhere on the phone)
Thank you very much

see e.g. here:

Looks like a phone problem to me.
Unless you embedded 2 pictures.
you could filter for those files with
%_covers% IS 2
Or, just as the linked thread suggests:
do not overwrite the files but
delete it form the phone first,
let the player notice the change,
then add the modified file.

I'm having the SAME ISSUE. I changed the photo, but when I transfer the NEW files to the phone, (Samsung Galaxy S5), I see the OLD picture.

I'm deleted the files from the phone, and transferred them again. I've wiped all the cache I can find from the phone. And, if I try and play the files on my desktop, with any number of players, I get the NEW picture.

Just can't figure out why the phone retains the old photo.


OK: Since I have "NO LIFE," :smiley: I tried it a few more times and FINALLY the new picture appears on the cell phone. Persistence! Thanks.