Album tag parsed from folder structure?

I have a very large library of Reggae Riddims grouped by file folders. Each song is related to the other as a set in the folder, but the filename and tags to not reflect that. I need to parse the folder name a Riddim is contained in, and place it in the ALBUM field.

A PC-based example would be:
E:\Music\Riddims\Rub A Dub Riddim\
Where "Rub A Dub Riddim" needs to be parsed to the Album field.
The folder structure is identical up to the unique Riddim's folder name.

Try Converter>Filename-Tag
Format string: %album%\%dummy%

I guess I need more of an explanation. How does that grab the name of the folder containing the track, and put it into the ALBUM field?

Damn. Forget it. It works. I just don't understand why.

Perhaps a look at the docs helps?

Fine. LOL I'll read them. Again.

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