Album Tag to Folder Name

Oh FFS. So you seriously do this:

and it works for you? tags get written?

I even copied your text and created a new action and still nothing. is there logs I can check to see what happens?

It works now. I have no idea why. Didnt even have to enclose the brackets, works as is.

You have to enclose the string which includes backslashes in single quotes or mark the string as preformatted text.
You can do this in manually typing the quotes or you can mark the string and use the </> icon for preformatted text (Ctrl-Shift+C) in the forum editor.

This was driving me crazy lol. Thanks, good to know for next time.

seufz. so I would like to just inject the meta tag year into the folder name.

currently: ARTIST - ALBUM

I tried to create an action to do this and also tried tag-tag converter. but I'm doing something wrong since I either end up with just the [YEAR] as folder name or nothing at all.

tag-tag: field: _DIRECTORY format string: %dummy% '['%year%']' %dummy%
(I thought dummy is a placeholder for the current value? I also tried %1 but to no luck either)

long story short, how do I tell mp3tag what parts of the file or folder name to leave alone and where to inject a tag value?

Format string for _Directory: %artist% '['%year%']' %album%
In an action of the type "Format value" or Converter>Tag-Tag

mp3tag is busy for a while so I cant check but that would use the artist and album tag from the meta data too, right? I cant yet use the artist and album meta data of the flac file, they're not cleaned up and proper yet. I just want to inject year into the existing folder name which is Artist - Album now since the folder names are clean and proper. after I inject the year into the folder name I import the folder name back to the flac files to the proper tags.

how do I tell mp3tag to not touch the Artist and Album part of the folder name but just "replace" the "-" (dash) with the year tag [year]?

Format string: $regexp(%_filename%,(.*) - (.*),'$1 ''['%year%']' $2)

it took me waaaaaay to long to figure out why your regex didnt work for me on my test files. I should not have chosen AC-DC as test sample lol.

it works fine for everything that does not have a dash in the artist name. I can work around that. thanks mate!

Then you have used a different format string as
$regexp(AC-DC - Hells Bells,(.*) - (.*),'$1 ''['%year%']' $2)
Leads to
AC-DC [2000] Hells Bells
The separator is not just the dash but blank dash blank.

sorry, my bad. on top of it all, 300 folders and only 2 not properly named and I chose those to test on. indeed, the folder name was AC-DC- Albumname (no space after DC and dash) and hence lead to an undesirable result using that regex. all good now.