Album Tag to Folder Name

I've done this hundreds of times. Seriously. But I've been away for a long while and now trying to clean up my files, I cant remember for the life of me, how I did this.

I got loads of files in a download directory. Those are already all properly tagged, e.g. contain the right Album tag.

I want to create folders based on the Album Tag and move those corresponding files to that folder.

I created an Action like this:

Format String: %album%\%_filename%

I want to keep the original File Name, just create the Folders and move those files into it.

Where am I going wrong?

I assume it is an action of the type "Format value"?!
If that is so, use the field _FILENAME instead of _DIRECTORY for the purpose you described.

Yay that worked! Dankeschön :slight_smile: