Album tag to itunes TV Season question

I use two media players for adding tv shows to my ipods: winamp & itunes.

Winamp requires you fill in the artist, album, track field & genre whereas itunes requires you add separate folders specifically for itunes.

I can transfer over artist>TV show, track>tvepisode, genre>itunesmediatype easily as the values are the same.

But as the album field in winamp is tagged: Season 2 and itunes only requires the number 2 how would I convert album to Season so that is drops "Season"?

In all cases: create an action.
Two possibilities:
either you crate an action to search&replace every "Season " with nothing.
Or if you want to eliminate any leading text from a trailing number the action would be one of the type
"Replace with regular expression"
and the regular expression would look like this:

%album% = tag-field
search string: (.*)(\d)
replace string: $2

As always a word of caution: try the action with a small amount of tracks to find out whether it does what it should do before ruining a whole bunch of tracks.

Thanks for getting back to me but I am not looking to replace a field but to take a digit from a filed and add it to another.

See the attached jpeg. I am trying to add a 4 to the Season field (itunes specific) between TV Show & Episode by taking the 4 from the Season 4 in the album field.

You could create an action group that ...
first copies the contents of field with "Season 04" in it to the specific itunesfield and (Format tag-field "itunespecific" with "%Field with Season 04 in it%
second to do the replacement as decribed in the specific itunesfield.

Great - that worked.

Thanks for the help.