Album Tags not usable in Android players

Being new here, maybe this is a stupid issue:

I edited carefully the tags, album titles, interpretes, writer etc. in this marvelous tool MP3Tag. After that I downloaded the entire Music directory to my Fairphone.

I opened "USB Audio Player", deleted the database and let it re-scan the entire music directory.

Alas, after that new Album titles didn´t show up, but some titles I never ever had created. Neither with MP3Tag nor before.

The same result with GoogleMusic.

Didn´t make a difference whether it were FLAC or MP3 format.

Any idea how I can make my wonderful created tags available for an Android player?

I would check first what kind of tags you have in the files.
E.g. if you have APE tags then get rid of them.
See if your player likes V1 and/or V2 tags. Probably, the V2 tags will yield the best result.
Also take care that you write V2.3 tags and not V2.4.
(it is not really plausible that the player reads most fields but ignores the album field so it could be that the various tag versions are out of sync)

Generally, this might also be an android issue. I experienced that android often had problems with tags in different formats, especially id3v2.4, ape and vorbis comment. One reason why I use Poweramp for playing music and browsing my collection, since it does not depend on android's internal tag db.