Album with catalog # pattern

If I have 2 fields: %album only% and %catalog #%, how to implement pattern for Album field like %album only% [%catalog #%] with convert or action way? Is possible at all?

You want to combine the two separate (custom) tags %album only% and %catalog #% into one single official tag %album% where the catalog # is enclosed by square brackets?

For example:
%album only% contains
%catalog #% contains

You want to see ALBUM as
Waterloo [123456]

You can try Convert Tag -> Tag
Format string
%album only% '['%catalog #%']'

Please be aware that any existing content in ALBUM will be overwritten.

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Oh yes, I missed symbol <'> outside of square brackets, and was confused for that...
Thanks for awaring, that's the reason I always have field %album only% with clear album info.
I will not use it frequently but for especially cases.

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