%albumartist% in F2K

I've been updating most of my ALBUMARTIST tags in mp3Tag but I noticed that I can't see them in F2K. Any idea what field I should use? I've tried %albumartist%, %album artist% and %group% and all of them are empty.


%band%?, no, actually %album artist% (with a blank) should work.

As of Mp3tag version 2.47 the old field %band% was changed to %albumartist% (without the space).

From the change log http://mp3tag.de/en/changelog.html

BAND also does not work.

You should now check the field name that you have created in MP3tag (use the extended tags for that - you should see the field ALBUMARTIST - not ALBUM ARTIST and not BAND).
Then load the freshly edited files also as fresh files into f2k and see what data is displayed.
Also check your column definition in f2k: this should have as contents: %album artist%

Where should I look in F2K? It does not show in the properties dialog.

See attached picture ...

What is "ALBUM ARTIST" in foobar, that is "ALBUMARTIST" in Mp3tag.