Hi, I cannot find ALBUMARTISTSORT in Mp3Tag v2.65a

How can I add a column with ALBUMARTISTSORT, do I have to create a new one? do I need a value and field?

Also I will need ALBUMSORT

Thanks in advance

Where did you look? The field name is usually in the list of extended fields.

To add a column ...:
Right-click on a column header and select Columns ...
Click the "New" button.
Enter a decent title for the column header
Enter in value: %albumartistsort% -> this is the value that should be displayed.
Enter in field: %albumartistsort% -> this is the target field.

(do something corresponding for %albumsort%)

Thanks a LOT

Hi, can I ask you something else? I have to correct this issue, I have done this:
Beatles, The
Doors, The
Cranberries, The

So I have to move ''The'' at the beginning (The Beatles)

I have 140,000 mp3, so is gonna be a long work, to make my life easy I want to ''filter'' only the artist in the situation
I am using the filter: the%artist% but I am getting nothing, 0 result
If I use ''The'' without the cotes I get like 70,000 results

I will appreciate your comments and help, regards

Got it:

%artist% HAS "the"


You may also wish to add ALBUMARTISTSORT and ALBUMSORT to the Tag Panel on the left, rather than just in the columns. I find tags like this, which are usually applied to entire albums, better suited for editing in the Tag Panel rather than in the columns. When you want to edit them for a whole album, you highlight all of the tracks in the album, edit the values in the Tag Panel and hit 'Save'. This is easier than entering the values in the columns for each file individually and more readily available and easier to see at a glance than using the Extended Tags dialog.

To add the fields to the Tag Panel, go to Tools > Options > Tag Panel. Click the 'Add field...' icon. Enter the field as ALBUMARTISTSORT and a name (whatever you like) such as 'Album Artist Sort:'. Do the same for ALBUMSORT. You can then use the arrow buttons to move the fields up and down in the Tag Panel as you like.