Albums Covers Are Not Being Saved

On the program in the little square box in the lower left where the image should be showing it is not showing??

This sounds like you ask about the tag panel. Press Ctrl-Q to hide and show it so that we know that we both mean the same.

Actually, what I refer to as you say

sounds to me as though you use the web source script to access discogs.
And that function has as last dialogue one where you see a button "Utils" in the lower left corner. The OK button is on the right.

When I do auto metadata info from like Allmusic or Discogs the album covers are not being saved they are not showing in the box in the lower left. I know how to add and save covers manually.

And it will stay like that if you do not see whether options in the Utils menu are checked.

As Ohrenkino already wrote:
Have a look at the Utils-Button in the left corner on the result page of your websource. There you can enable or disable "Save image to tag".

I have already done that and they will still not show


Does this happen to all files of just this one?
To remove all doubt, I would recommend that you use the linked utilities to check the file:

To see a cover in the tag panel, you have to tick File>Options>Tag-Panel>Show cover
and File>Options>Tags>Do not show covers from the filesystem

I have tried with 5 different tracks and still now working.

And have you checked the files with the tools and set the options as described?

Are they all aac-tracks?

I had Don't display first image form file directory as cover art I unselected it and album covers are now showing. Just tested with 2 tracks and cover are showing.

But you still have no image embedded in the file itself. This option only takes the first alphabetical image in the directory of the file.

Something is wrong with AAC tagging settings. You can add covers through Tag panel, but not via web sources it seems. Also both Tag options from Tags > Mpeg and Tags > Ape, Mpc affect what tags are written to aac files.
@Florian needs to take a look.

Does it show the one image or does it show none?? Do I need to use another program to add album covers??

I tested it with an aac-sample from the internet because I have no aac-files.

I can drag&drop a file in the tag-panel and the extended tag-view. And I can add a file with an action "Import cover from file".
But I can't add a file from the context menue of the image-field and I can't add an image from a websource.

So need to use another program to add album art to the AAC tracks??

poster wrote what you can do at the moment. Drag a cover file from a file manager like windows explorer into the cover field and save or use an action.

So use the web sources to search covers and save them to disk and then add them to the tag in a 2nd step.

Any free program that will add covers to AAC files automatically??

I've fixed the AAC cover artwork handling with Mp3tag v3.02a. Thanks for reporting!

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