Albums not working right

I'm trying to drag and drop MP3 files into iTunes connected to my phone, and I'm trying to make the songs into Albums, but they keep just showing as individual songs (a bunch of albums that are the name of the song with that one song inside them) and it's weird because a few times it worked temporarily and most times it doesn't, They have tags for titles, artists, Albums (always the same across the album), Album Artists (always the same across the album) and the Track number. I don't get why it's not working!! I don't have any absurdly big track numbers. Does anyone know what to check for what I'm doing wrong, or how to ensure iTunes makes it into an album on my phone properly. Thanks.

Right click on any of these songs in iTunes and select Get Info. What do those fields show?

You can also paste a screen capture here of the extended tags window from mp3tag for comparison.

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This does show that iTunes has the tags you want it to sort by. Not too many others, but enough to have basic sorting. Yet on your iPhone after a sync you do not see these same tags? What player are you using, the standard Apple Music app? This could be influenced if you also subscribe to Apple’s streaming music service, as this overrides the tag data of your local media.

What if you try this with a 3rd party app? Try Foobar2000 mobile. It is currently free. See if these tags show correctly there.

As we see only 1 file (which apparently has all the necessary tag fields) - it would still be intersting to see whether the tag panel also showed the data for ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM if you select all files from the album.
If one field display switches to `´ then the data is different.
As soon as it can be guaranteed that the files are properly tagged, then all further questions why a player does not have the features in question would be something to address to the player's forum.