albums with various artists


I have a collection of albums but some are compilations. Usually they have "various artists" under the "artist" field. But they do place both the artist name and the track name in the "track" field. For example:


Joseph Bishara - Death is the only way out

Various Artist

Is there a way to do manipulate it in a way that it will show:


Death is the only way out

Joseph Bishara

Thanks in advance!

various Artist aber kein free-DB möglich

I think you can do it via actions and format value, but I am not really sure which format string you could use. :unsure:

Wait for Florian or Dano. :slight_smile:


You can always do it the hard way:

  1. do a tag-filename with %title%
  2. do a filename-tag with %artist% - %title%
  3. do a tag-filename with something you prefer


Maybe I should consider adding a Tag - Tag converter, because there is still no other way than using the filename for that.

Best regards,
~ Florian


You can use an action with format value and regex combined.


If Florian implements $strstr() as function, one could do it with Format Value and $strstr() + $mid(). :slight_smile:

Format string: $mid(%title%,,$strstr(%title%, - ))

Field: TITLE
Format string: $mid(%title%,$add($strstr(%title%, - ),3),$len(%title%))

strstr fürs Scripting


you can download the latest Development Build and create a new action Guess values with a source format of %title% and a guessing pattern %artist% - %title%

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~ Florian



I have just downloaded MP3TAG, specifically for the purpose of being able to change tag names from various artists albums.

So I launch MP3TAG, and I cannot find anything to help me, in fact I don't really understand how most of it works, and I have a double masters in IT <_<

So after searching the forums, I find two posts, the most helpful being this one.

I downloaded 2.36c and attempted to use the Guess Valyes action, but I still don't get it :frowning:

The example I will use is the first track from Cafe Del Mar volume 13 that I downloaded from AllofMP3.

So now I will provide specific details on what I have:

  • The filename is: 01 - Steen Thottrup Feat- Annette Berg - Heading For The Sunrise.mp3
  • The Title is: Steen Thottrup Feat. Annette B
  • The Artist is: Cafe del Mar (CD Series)
  • The Album is: Volumen Trece (Vol. 13)

What I am trying to acheive is:
  • The Title is: Heading For The Sunrise
  • The Artist is: Steen Thottrup Feat. Annette B (it would be even better to drop everything after 'Thottrup')
  • The Album is: Volumen Trece (Vol. 13)

Could you please explain in a step by step script, how I do this?

With any luck other people can read it and know what to do, without ambiguity.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Use "Convert > Filename - Tag" with the format string %dummy% - %artist%Feat%dummy% - %title%

The same format string can also be used in the Guess values action with the source pattern %_filename%


Hi Dano,

Thankyou very much for your help.

Quick question:

How does that string using 'dummy' work? What does it do?




It just ignores that part of the source string.


Dano solved this for me 9 months ago - read my original post:


What was said then has been repeated in this thread too, but incase anyone wants clarification.

once you have written the first variable - duplicate it 4 more times, then edit each in "guessing pattern" to the following - keep the "source format" as is (%title%):

%artist% : %title%
%artist% / %title%
%artist% - %title%

That should pretty much cover all the bases.


I had this problem and what I do is filename > tag

Then I enter %track% - %artist% - %title%