Albums without cover


What about a sorting column as stated in topic description?

As i find my somewhat mistreated mp3 collection missing cover art in some albums (all songs ,easy sorted and adjusted) my itunes laziness biting back in the way that i have a lot of albums with cover art in just the first song.

wouldnt that be a great addition to this superb software?

all the best from a long time mp3er, Personal Jukebox, if someone remembers...

There are several possibilities:
Create a column with the value %_covers% and sort by it.
Apply a filter with the expression
%_covers% IS ""
which filters all those tracks that do not have albumart.

Or import the existing covers by ...
an action to export all existing covers and then
by an action to import those very bitmaps into all selected files.
You find these actions in "actions (quick)" which is probably quicker as this action would be a one-off, right. As from now on you will tag your tracks properly, right? Just kidding.

I was fiddling around with the value, fileld and sort by, but didnt get it totally.

from your suggestion ill only get the songs without coverart.

the fuction im looking for is to see all songs in all albums that dosent have coverart in at least one song.

in my case very many albums just got tagged with coverart in the 1st song.
so if i can get this sortfunction ill do a new search for big coverart and retag all the songs and deleting the old coverart. for the albums that is not complete tagged.

and yes from now on im tagging properly, not kidding.

thanks for your help

Now: from within MP3tag you will not get an answer for the question "show me all ALBUMs with at least one cover" as MP3tag only looks at the files one by one and does not know where an album starts or ends .
You would have to create an export for that...

BUT: If you know that a lot of albums have the right albumart in at least one file you could perform a two-step to get the albumart into all the other files of that album - if each album is stored in a separate folder.
The way to do it:
Load all files that shall be processed.
Do not apply a filter.
Select all the files.
In the toolbar press the button "Actions (quick)".
Select as action type (in the subsequent dialogue) "Export Cover".
Enter as filename "cover_export.jpg" and untick "allow duplicates".
Let Mp3tag do the job. You will get a file called cover_export.jpg in every folder of the selected files.
Now press the button "Actions (quick)" again.
This time select as action type (in the subsequent dialogue) "Import Cover".
Enter as filename "cover_export.jpg"
Tick "overwrite existing covers".
Let Mp3tag do the job. Now all files (and not only the first) will have a cover if there was a cover at all.

Now apply a filter like
%_covers% IS ""
to see those files that still have no cover enclosed. THis should bring you a step closer to a nicely tagged collection.