AlbumUrl question


As far as I can tell, the AlbumUrl is used by appending the URL result from first search pass to it.

My question is this... I want to access the below (as an example) page:

the key being the "combined" page, as it contains more details than the "normal" page.

My current setup, based on Dano's work has:


Is there any way for me to get to the "combined" page?


Figured it out, in case someone else needs to learn / know:

Given that the IndexFormat is


the %_url% is the key.

in my case, when populating the %_url%" , after words a simple

        say "combined"

does the trick.

Hope this helps others.

I'm just curious: What are you trying to do ?

I've in the past modified Dano's script which pulls data from IMDB (for movies), to include much more tags, including the "producers" property of the iTunMovi XML which is used by Apple devices.

Producers are unfortunately not mentioned on the "main" imdb page of the movie, and one has to go to the "combined" page of the IMDB result to get the "full" data.

I will post my updated script shortly back into Dano's IMDB post.