alignment of field entries

i have to align the entries in a tag field.(example- title,left align) how can i accomplish that in mp3 tag? is there any actions?

It makes no sense to "align" data in a tag-field, either left or right or center.
I suppose you need the function $trim().


thanks for the reply. but it is not clear from the reply as what i should do to get the expected result.

If you need more insights into Mp3tag Scripting Language and built in functions and so on, then study the manual and search the forum FAQ areas and study other users messages.
While working through the plethora of practical questions and answers try to learn from the examples.

It is the task of the Open Poster to describe exactly what the situation is, and what should be the final goal of the help request.

If someone offers a rather uncommon speculative or un-real situation, then someone will get a speculative answer.
And you got one.

Please define what the term "align" means to you.
Especially for data within a tag-field.

Please elaborate what is the expected result.

Give some real world example.
Give some "From-To" example.


Ich you mean the display in MP3tag then have a look at the "columns" subdialog that opens if you right-click on a colum header of the list display.

Fields that have the option "numeric" ticked are usually right-aligned, all others cling to the left.
But as DetlevD pointed out: it is no use to "align" strings in data fields. The alignment should be the task of the presentation end and its formatter.