All Desktop Shortcuts Open Mp3Tag

Just installed v2.44 and now whenever I click most (not all) desktop shortcuts Mp3Tag opens instead of the program I want. Shortcut properties have not changed. I have rebooted and the issue does not stop. What can I do to remedy this?



EDIT: I keep some of my shortcuts in folders. One folder with graphics editing programs, one with audio editing programs, etc. It's when I click on those shortcuts that Mp3Tag opens. Mp3Tag opens searching for MP3 files in that shortcut folder. If I click on a shortcut that leads directly to a program, it opens correctly.

EDIT 2: Uninstalling and re-installing seemed to correct the problem. In doing so, I noticed Mp3Tag was still running in Task Manager under the 'Processes' tab. That could have been part of the problem. It was not running under 'Applications'.