ALL except "something"


Hi everybody,
I just found this utility and it is GREAT...I just downloaded, installed e started to use it as it does everything as I expected to do. I'm a lazy one but with M3T I felt the wish to organize my 14GB of MP3 files. :w00t:
The only problem I had was with some "R.E.M." files.
They were named "r.e.m. - something.mp3" and I wanted M3T to rename them to "R.E.M. - Something.mp3".
I modified the case conversion action and i added the . to the "Word begins from/after any of:"...and M3T renamed the file to "R.E.M. - Something.Mp3" (even the M of the file extension).
Is there any way to bring the extension back to the "lower" mp3? I was thinking on something like "_ALL except FILEEXT"...

Andrea. :laughing:


I tried to figure out how to solve this issue and after looking at the help :book:
I think that I solved:

  1. I left the . as word separator in the standard "Case Conversion" configuration
  2. I added a replace (Mp3 with mp3, whole word) action after the Case Conversion
  3. It seems like it works! :laughing:

Andrea. :laughing: