All file types?

In the 'Restrict incoming files to' option can someone please tell me what filter you should use so any file type can be used? Ie so no file type is restricted.


I just ran a small test by taking a folder full of Flac files and changing their extension from .flac to .bob, and then added *.bob to the 'Restrict incoming files to' list. Mp3tag loaded the files but failed to read any tags.

This means that just adding any arbitrary (or all) file extensions to the list won't do you any good. Mp3tag uses the file extension to determine the type of file it's working with and it can only work with file types that it understands.

It doesn't about tags, I just want to use it for renaming because of it's great regex and filtering features.

Thanks anyway.

Is this not possible to work then? Oh well :frowning: