All mp3's that I have edited now skip around the 30 second mark

I edited 74 songs with MP3tag (current ver) and now when I play them in any player (VLC, Winamp, Media Player) the song will start over about the 43 second mark. The song doesn't actually start from the beginning (as far as the progress bar goes), but starts over at the 43 second mark.

Items Edited: Album name, artist name, genre, and album cover.


odd problem. I've edited 1000s of mp3 files with mp3tag and never seen that issue. Are the mp3 files still problem free. I'm sure there are many ways to check, but one can easily install foobar2000 and the component "file integrity verifier". Load up the files, right click, select utilities, then run. This will check the mp3 files for integrity/problems and report back.

MP3diags and mp3val may also be of help.
But this is just an amendment to garym's idea to check the files' integrity first.
I think what happens is that the player does not identify the V2.3 tag correctly and gets the wrong offset.