All my tags are gone in MP3tag

Hi All

I have a big problem with the tags in my intire musiccollection (25000+ songs). After having tried to clean up a bit in the tags suddently i cant se any of my tags in mp3tag. If i open the songs in windows (mediaplayer or just rightclicks in explorer) the tags are still there but mp3tag cant find them. Does anyone have an idea to what i have been doing wrong?

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Please check if you READ APE tags (Tools>Options>MPEG).
If so (and these are empty) then you only see the APE tags as these overrule all other tags.
Untick READ and WRITE for APE and try again.

Unfortuneatly the APE is uncheked everywhere....
I also just noticed that in the "tag" column it says: "ID3v2.3(ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2)" so there must be some tagging left or?

Aaaaha: so you have filled the APE tags but not the V2.3 tags?
I would think that right now you should tick the READ for APE so that the information is read. Also you should untick WRITE for APE and tick DELETE for APE.
Then cut the tags (with the function from the context menu of the files list) and paste them immediately afterwards, also with the function from the context menu. This should write back only the MP3 tags. And hopefully they are filled with the contents of the APE tags.
So, please try this on a single file first.

Tried the above. But unfortuneatly no luck . If i tick READ for APE the only thing that happens is that the "Tag"-culumn shows "APE(ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2)" instead of "ID3v2.3(ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2)". Damn, really dont hope that i've got to retag the entire collection. I just cant understand why windows media player, and also my Squeezebox can read the tags when MP3tag cant....

Have you checked "View > Extended Tags" ?

I have now and theres nothing here besides some replaygain tags iv'e added some time ago...wierd..