All of my tags changed to < keep > for seemingly no reason

i was attempting to use mp3tag to mitigate the fact that groove music only shows around 1/5 of my songs' tags, and then i went to the settings for the tag format and then switched it to ISO. i then briefly looked through the settings to see if i could find anything useful. i exited the settings, when i realized that certain texts on my screen were changed to korean, i thought it was just a small bug and i saved all my files back at the UTF-8 format. at that time, the tags showed < keep >, which is obviously a helpful feature in mp3tag to show you that you are keeping your current tags. after that, all of the text turned korean, for which i figured out where the language settings are and i changed everything back to english, which required a restart. i restarted with all of my 150 music files with albums, artists, whatever you may have the tag "< keep >". attempted to figure out a way to revert that but to no avail. looked at file recovery options as well, i really do not want to spend 2 hours changing every single tag back as my songs were fully tagged, including the albums, artists, album artists, track number, year-

any help? evidence down below v

please don't judge my depressing music taste

I'm not sure if I understand 100% what happened, but it seems that you've used < keep > (which usually preserves the existing value when used in the Tag Panel) with Korean language settings (which uses < 유지하기 > for that).

It seems that you've overwritten the tags of the files during that course and I currently see no way of resurrecting the metadata, except from a backup.